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Serving the South West of England

Solar Systems, established in 2008, specialise in the design and installation of quality Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal solutions for the domestic and commercial market. The company was grown from its sister company who has been serving the industrial, commercial and agricultural market with electrical services for 30 years. Solar Systems continue to grow and have built up an excellent reputation for its professionalism, attention to detail and quality of solution and service.

The Company enjoys the opportunity of offering prospective customers guidance and assistance during the process of buying a system. We display on the roof of our office premises a selection of solar panels and customers are welcome inside our warehouse to view panels, inverters and mounting components for their consideration.

We endeavour to offer every assistance to ultimately achieve for our client the best financial return in Feed In Tariff and a reduction in their electricity fuel costs.


  • Listed Council Buildings - Guildhall Chard
    The Grade 2 listed, historic Guildhall in Chard, Somerset, has recently completed the installation of a 10kWp solar PV array (40 panels) to its rear, East/West...
  • Drakes Farm Riding Centre
        The key growth market for solar in the UK for 2016 is set to be small to medium sized commercial installations and businesses in Somerset are quick to...
  • Sonic Systems Install Solar
    Our recently completed project at Sonic Systems Ltd, the internationally recognised designer and manufacturer of Power Ultrasonic Enabling Technology, is an...
  • 10-50kWp Commercial Solar Sector
    Autumn 2015 has been a busy time for Solar Systems, having experienced the long anticipated rise in the installation of 10-50 kWp Commercial Solar PV Systems,...
  • Solar Installation Timeline
    Solar Installation Timeline - a countdown to year end With huge cuts proposed to Feed in Tariffs for the beginning of 2016 and only 13 weeks until year end,...

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